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This page is dedicated to helping you understand what you need to

know before you choose a repair shop.

Transmission repair is expensive and choosing the wrong shop can be even more expensive. Doing your homework and learning a little bit about

the shop you're considering is always a good idea. Take the time to check them out online, look for reviews and ask around. Also knowing what to

ask helps and to do this you need to be informed. To help you with this we have provided a collection of information easily found online and put it

all together. This is a collection of what we consider to be good tips for consumers in the market to find an honest and reasonable transmission

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Basic Parts of a Transmission While there are many parts inside your transmission, essentially it's made up of a few key parts.


Bell Housing: This is the cone shaped metal case that you can see when you peek underneath your car. If you have a front-wheel-drive car it's stuck

on the side of the engine under the hood. If your car is rear-wheel-drive, the transmission will be mounted underneath the car behind the engine.


Gears: Even though you're not shifting them, an automatic transmission has gears. They are broken into main gears and planetary gears. You

need all of these to be able to drive.


Fluid: Transmission fluid is very important to an automatic transmission. All of the magic happens in the fluid. Most cars come with red transmission fluid,

good to know if you are looking for a leak.


Filter: All of that fluid has to be clean for your car to shift gears at the right time. To keep things fresh, your transmission has a filter to catch any gunk.


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Automatic Transmission Repair Service in Mission Viejo for over 25 years. A-one Transmissions in Mission Viejo has been delivering quality service with honest prices for all it's customers. Specializing in the automatic transmission rebuild and repair service A-one transmissions has seen it all. from Ford transmission repair and rebuild, Dodge transmission repair and rebuild, Chevy transmission repair and rebuild, Honda transmission repair rebuild, chrysler transmission repair rebuild, Toyota transmission repair and rebuild, BMW transmission repair and rebuild, Mercedes transmission repair and rebuild, Plus many more. In Mission viejo california for over 25 years A-one transmissions has been repairing and servicing all types of automotive transmissions and will deliver quality service and an honest price every time. *Warranty is subject to change dependant on pricing. optional extended or 1 year warranty options also available upon request and are specified on all final transaction paperwork. No hidden fees or cost are imposed and all additional fees for any extended warranty options are specified at the time of sale and included in the customers final transaction paperwork.

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